Friday, 28 February 2014

Cosy beauty

 The Treccia is finished. I am really pleased with it. The pattern instructions are beautifully and clearly written.
 There are some lovely details - An applied I-cord is used to make a neat, even neck edge.
 The single cable on the inside edge of the 'wings' perfectly mirrors the horned cables that divides the body into segments.
         The symmetry of the design is pleasing, and soothing, to a logical mind.
 The yarn is so soft, and luxurious, that it is almost Angora-like in its cosiness.
The overall effect is one of great elegance.  Really, the perfect accessory.  I love it. It is probably the best thing I have ever knitted.  Suzanna Ic has to be my favourite designer.... and I have knitted quite a number of her designs.


Asti said...

So excited to see this finished Linda!! I bet its gorgeous to wear :)

LinDragon said...

Thank You! It really is scrumptious to feel, gorgeous to wear. ( Not around the dogs, though! )