Friday, 7 February 2014


A new project is always fun to plan, and this one came about through the collision of two trains of thought.
There is a wonderful pattern called Treccia, that has been on my 'desirables'  list for some time. A Susanna Ic, naturally. It is a wrap, rather than a shawl, in a chunky weight yarn. Trying to find a suitable yarn, in something truly snuggly, was proving a headache. While chatting about the problem with my lovely boss, Asti, she came up with a solution. There were a number of yarns that Asti was looking at, with a view to try them out for new lines for  Juno Fibre Arts.

One of the yarns was this gorgeous 100% Baby Alpaca chunky. Asti ordered the yarn, and after we had all petted and cuddled it, she dyed it.
A new, delicious colour, that really suits the project. Otter's Tummy.
The deal is, that I do the test knit, and make an item that shows the yarn off. Which makes the decision on whether to introduce it as a new yarn line easier. I get the perfect yarn for my project, in a perfect colour.

Project already cast on!

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