Monday, 2 July 2012


 Fibrefest, last year, was a tremendous temptation. I was tempted . Knitwitches Seriously Gorgeous Swiss Silk/Baby Camel (2-ply)in soft sage was just one of the things to accompany me home.

This yarn is very soft, smooth, silky. It is light, and a delight on the skin. Wonderful for a summer weight shawl. The pattern is Summer Blooms, from Interweave Knits summer 2012, by Susanna Ic.
It was my first beading project. The first row was not quite what I expected, but the instructions are clear, and it soon became easy. 
I managed to complete the shawl, then do the  'finishing'  in time to wear it for my Mothers' 80th birthday party.                                                          

Another Susanna Ic shawl, in another skein from Fibrefest 2011.This is from The Mulberry Dyer. 25 g of 80% Alpaca, 20% silk. It is Cochineal and Indigo. The subtle marbling does not show up in the photo.The pattern is Annis, from Knitty S/S 2010 (online magazine).  I am making it for Mel, my (joint) youngest sister. Nicky's twin.