Tuesday, 29 July 2008

First of the Harvest

There has been a lot of Harvesting going on over the last two weeks.Tractors, pulling trailers of tall, swaying, loads of straw, creep along the roads.The Barley is all in store.The Wheat is within a day or two of ripeness. I was delighted to see this picturesque scene on my way home from work on friday. The field is less than two miles from home, so I rushed back with my camera. Not sure when I will see the like again.

And here is my secret project. A New Arrival gift for Little K., Ness and Lisa's little one. I have already started a knitted kimono cardi, for Toby, another new arrival.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Open Day

At last, the first Sweet Peas of Summer! I just love them, and have to grow some every year. Unfortunately, I had trouble germinating them this year. After the third attempt, I gave up, and just bought random pots of seedlings where I could. So, instead of four carefully considered colours, a kalaidoscope of colour. Nevertheless, a joy.
And a teaser of what is on my needles.

I went to the Coldharbour Mill Open Day, on Saturday, and met some friends from Close Knit there.Jacquie, and Ness with her little one, K. We had a lovely time pottering around, looking at the Exhibitions and watching the demonstrations. One lady was sitting and using a sock knitting machine. Fascinating! I have never seen one before.We had lunch (very good Restaurant!) And spent ages looking at these lovely Alpaca. Four boys, all about fourteen months old. The second from the left is the leader of this group, apparently, and he spent all the time we were there, making the sweetest, gentle cooing noise. I had to be dragged away, to look at the shop. Naturally, we spent ages looking at the wonderful Yarns, and stroking them. Some purchases were made. (That is all I will say on that subject).

Monday, 7 July 2008

Wool Lust

I had to go food shopping on Saturday,so on the way to Tiverton, we made a little (?) detour, and went to Coldharbour Mill. Well, they've moved the shop around again. The lovely Coldharbour spun wool, still there. The squishy Alpaca, still there. All the hand-made things. Yes, still there. And so many additions! Lots of books. At least three times as many as before. All crafts covered. Oh, but you should see the new yarns....... Silks, thin, thick, nubbly. Hand-spun Alpaca, Alpaca and Blue Faced Leicester. And lots else, besides.

Well, I admired and stroked them all. What did I buy? A 50g skein of Laceweight Alpaca/Blue Faced Leicester. I'm now struggling NOT to start a lace scarf.
While I was there ,I noticed a poster advertising
Sounds good, does it not?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vital Teapot

Disaster! Well, a minor disaster. We have had a sweet Quantock Pottery teapot for years...the kind that looks as though it has fallen from the pages of 'Alice in wonderland'. And the spout got chipped! So, of course, it didn't pour properly. Just leaked everywhere. Now, that IS a disaster for dedicated Tea-drinkers. So, a hunt for a replacement. Wouldn't you think that pouring without spilling would be a main requirement of a Teapot? The aim being in the name, and all that? Apparently I expect too much. I bought several, each of which, in it's turn, went back. Then, I decided that you get what you pay for. And we do use the Teapot at least half-a-dozen times a day. So I paid - quite a lot more. But, ooooohh! Look at this....

Beautiful, yes? We love it. It's a smile-bringer.
A colleague and friend, B, has finally, and safely, delivered her baby.An 8lb 8oz boy. Great excitement at the office. I came across a really sweet, but also trendy, babies cardigan pattern last week. And some funky wool, so I think the knitting drought may be over. I do hope so.
Walking Poppy last night, I heard some odd whistly snuffling in the long grass alongside the stream. (probably 11.30 ish).This morning, TWO Otter spraints on the big boulder in the waterfall. It's only three weeks since the last lot of marking, so I'm hopeful that a new otter/family has moved into the territory.