Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Finished Article

Refurbishing, cont'd.
 Once the lining fabric was cut to size, it was held in place with upholstery tacks, in the smallest size I could find. For the top box, and the drawer, I hand sewed the fabric into shape, and then the shapes were carefully fitted into place. They, too, were then tacked into place.
 The final stage was to glue and sew the gimp braid into place around all the edges. This is the traditional finish.
A good polish, and the sewing box is ready for use....to hold my knitting!

Monday, 27 January 2014


Some time ago, I was at a Market, and was browsing around a second-hand furniture stall. Under a pile of other boxes, I spotted this little Gothic-style sewing table. It was probably made in the 1930s, and was in dire need of some care and attention. Having a penchant for Gothic-y furniture, I bought it. Once home, other things took over, and I put it in the garage, and forgot about it.
 Over Christmas, I decided that I really ought to complete some of the many projects I have on the go. So, the table was fetched indoors, and wiped over with wood wash.  I then applied a proper wood clean and feed mixture. (The recipe used by furniture restorers.) This was then wiped off, and buffed.
 The next stage was to strip off all the fabric lining, and carefully remove the padding, and any remaining tacks.
 A good vacuuming followed that, to remove any lingering grot. Then a wipe over inside. 
After work, the following day, I went and bought fabric for replacing the lining, and some gimp braid.
 The old linings were used as templates for the new. They were cut out and required sewing into shape.
The padding in both the top box and the bottom drawer was carefully replaced with a modern version, Linto felt.
I will show the end result tomorrow, when I hope to have the final bit of braid sewn in place.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


A good deal of Somerset is suffering badly with this continuing wet weather. Emergency conditions have been declared on the Levels. Last year we had some near misses here, but the bank and ditch barrier put in since, by the farmer across the road, has helped enormously. The stream has broken it's banks several times, and the lower garden is too sodden to walk on, but we are counting our blessings. The house is dry.
So to see these hellebores this morning, glistening in the weak sunshine, was heart-lifting. 
More rain is forecast for tonight!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Today at work....

Twisting and labelling skeins ready for despatch.

Friday, 17 January 2014

One day..........

                   A little gathering to convince myself that Spring may arrive .........one day!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I love Nigel Slater. I have followed his Observer column since he started writing it. So, at the weekend, I was knitting and watching Nigel's program about biscuits. So much nostalgia. So many observations about the ''improvements'' made by the makers ( i.e. - made smaller, thinner, with  cheaper ingredients). A gentle program....and then Nigel's associate produced a biscuit tin made by Huntley and Palmer. Apparently, this tin ( filled with biscuits) was withdrawn from sale very quickly after being issued. Hidden in this Idyllic scene were three rude additions. ( Bearing in mind that these were designed for genteel, middle class family customers).
Well, I rushed upstairs to check. I do indeed have one. Picked up for pence at a charity shop, years ago. I had never noticed the 'additions'. Hilarious!
If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you may be able to pick out the little scenes. One on the table, one in the flower bed on the extreme right, and the last just below and between the little girls sitting up the tree.
Nigel looked shocked! He is lovely.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Carousel Pig

Just before the window display was dismantled, I finally managed to get a reasonable photo.
This is the Christmas window display at the Carousel Pig, Wiveliscombe. It always has a romantic and imaginative festive window. Regular readers will know that this is a little treasure box, which I love visiting ( and rarely leave empty-handed).
(There is a much better pic on facebook, apparently).