Sunday, 22 November 2009


More cake.This is another Nigel Slater recipe, from the Observer.

It is Pear and Maple Syrup cake. The idea is that you caremelise the pears, making a fair amount of sauce, and add it to the cake mixture.

I didn't get it quite right. I don't think I cooked the first bit fast (hot) enough. It tasted pretty good, though. Not much left.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Knitting Quest

The last of the knitting-for-co-workers fest. This very easy project was knitted from Louisa Harding's 'Natural Knits for Babies and Mums' book. The yarn is Stylecraft Pure Wool D.K.
The dear little buttons are from Fine Fabrics in Taunton- Couldn't resist 'em!
It was my birthday recently, and I was given some really lovely things. A wonderful book on Otters, which is a reprint of an old (victorian) classic from Best Beloved. A subscription to 'Interweave Knits' from sister Nicky and R.( Oh, Joy, tra-la). An antique crystal vase from lovely S-I-L Deb. And from my dear friend Jacqui....
This fabulous scarf. Rowan silk. I wore it straight away -it is warm, cosy .....elegant. She gets my taste spot on, every time. And she is such a precise knitter. Look at her projects on
From time to time, various swaps take place at Close Knit,(the group I belong to). The result of one of these swaps, found a bag of magenta Mohair d.k. yarn, clutched in my hot and sweaty hand. So, at the moment, I am trying to work out a pattern for a v-neck sweater, with no ribbing. It is a very bright colour for me! Should go well with emerald green cords(!!)
Some months ago, Dave at Hayes Wools showed me a magazine that I had not come across before, called Verena. I tried all sorts of places to track it down, to no avail. I spoke to Geoff, of Sue's News in Taunton, setting him off (inadvertently) on a Quest. Three months later, he has spoken to every magazine wholesaler in England, written to Germany, France and the U.S.A., and been let down twice. He has left me updates on my phone every couple of weeks, and has been incredibly helpful. AND ....this morning, a copy of Verena was left in my post box! I am really impressed. So, if you live in the Taunton area, Sue's News in Crown Walk has another copy of Verena on the shelves, and we may be looking for Interweave Knits next!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Oh, some Deer.

I was on my way home from a walk with Poppy, late yesterday afternoon, when I spotted these Roe deer. A Buck, two Does and a younger deer, obviously one of this years' fawns. They were just up the hill from my garden.(Aprox.200 yards from the house).They stayed, quietly browsing, for about an hour and a half. I took about forty photos. Then a panicking pheasant startled them, and they were gone - quicker than a blink.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Winter now...

Today certainly is the first day of winter.Yesterdays' lovely autumn mists and warm sun gave way, overnight, to lashing rain and fierce cold winds. Luckily, I picked a basketful of sloes before the wind could take them. They are fabulous in Sloe Gin. I don't want to make any this year, but had promised some to a dear friend, so that she could.

The finished cardigan for Rachel's baby girl.The pattern is from Louisa Harding, the yarn is the last of my stash of Jaeger superwash double knitting pure wool. According to Dave at Hayes Wools, Jaeger have discontinued it. Sad.
Have a look at the buttons - Mrs Tiggywinkle. Aren't they sweet?
And I have started a stripy sweater for Sarah's imminent arrival. Another Louisa Harding pattern. Can't remember the yarn. I will include it with the next picture.