Wednesday, 20 August 2008

So much has been going on, that we haven't had time for the computer. In the last two weeks, I have emptied out two bedrooms (the smallest and the largest), stripped wallpaper, and completely decorated both rooms. Today, the carpet fitters came and laid new carpet in both rooms. I cannot believe it is our house! I'm so pleased with it all. We are finally working our way towards finishing the renovations.
And the Ravelympics are in full swing. I have managed to complete my races.As I was so distracted with the house, I stuck with small goals.

I entered several things in the Hat Dash-the first was a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman; A spiral hat, made in Mirasol sulka. A beautiful yarn...merino, Alpaca and silk.

And I entered five hats for Premature babies, which will go to the local hospital. No formal patterns for these, and I used oddments from my hoard. So now I must concentrate on finishing a couple of projects which have been languishing in my basket for a (long)while!

Friday, 1 August 2008


Dave at Hayes wools is having a sale at the moment......I went in to pick up any knitted squares for Oxfam that may have been left there, and got side-tracked.
Today is Lughnasa. In the Pagan calendar, it is the celebration of the start of Harvest. It is also the begining of Autumn.