Saturday, 2 August 2014


Yesterday was Lughnasadh, the first day of Autumn.
 It signals the move from the growing season, to the Harvest season. So saying, today was spent in the garden. Best Beloved, Nicky and I lifted all the potatoes and dug over the bed. We also took down the fruit cage we had erected over the strawberry bed. B.B. then tended the glasshouse veg, while Nicky and I weeded the strawberry bed, lifted and potted four dozen strawberry runners, and trimmed all the plants of their extraneous greenery. Four wheelbarrows full of material was then taken and added to the compost bins. A good day's work.
Later, we went and picked peas, at the invitation of a farmer friend. The field had been picked by a commercial gang, but at the end of the day a good many were still unpicked. With several bags of them put into the freezer, there were still plenty of peas left in the bowl for supper.