Friday, 31 October 2008


I opened the Kitchen blind on Sunday, to find a very wet and bedraggled little bird eyeing me from the garden wall. A red-legged Partridge (Frenchman). It does seem to be a spot that draws sheltering birds. Somewhere, I have a picture of a Sparrowhawk, taken by Best Beloved. The Sparrowhawk was sitting on the white Fig, about eighteen inches to the right (of where the Partridge is sitting).
Today is Halloween. Samhain. The end of the Pagan year. New Years Eve, if you like. A good time to reflect on the years' events. Evaluate one's responses. Thank the Deity of choice for any blessings, and plan to make life.......better? kinder?more fulfilling? For my part, all of those things. Enjoy this last Fire-Festival of the present year and stay safe.
Bright blessings in the dark and cold.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

More colour

I spoke too soon -A few days of sun, and a couple of cold nights, and we have some wonderful colours in the landscape.
These are all trees in the garden. The leaf collage is made up of random finds from a walk with Poppy.
As you see, we have Internet. Unfortunately for us, Tiscali has left a marker in the system, which means we have no E-mail. Our new provider is trying to clear it, but if not, we may be without E-mail for two more weeks. Tiscali says it is not their problem! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Some colour

There has not been much in the way of Autumn colour here, so far this year. The Spindle trees in the back hedge have been doing their best, though. As the other trees and bushes have been shedding their leaves, the striking colour combination has become more obvious.

We have been having trouble with our telephone and internet provider over the last month /six weeks. Tomorrow we change provider. There may or may not be hiccups.

Crafting and shopping

I had (ahem) to go to Coldharbour mill to collect some yarn that I had ordered-lovely uncoloured alpacca/blue faced leicester 2/3 ply. While I was there, I spotted some other goodies.

Some gloriously soft Merino (top), pure alpacca sock weight (middle) and some gently gleaming silk (bottom). 'Knitty' has a lovely pattern, called Flora, which I have made before in a tweed. I fancied making it up in something luxurious....

So I made it in these wonderful yarns, and below is the result. With a little added mohair for the stamens.

Having made this yummy thing, I needed somewhere to wear it. Where better than KTOG2 in Bovey Tracey? So, off I went with my knitting, and some fairy cakes. And it was great fun.
I finally met John Arbon, and had a pleasant chat. A quick word with Tutleymutley. I also met a very nice lady, who runs Devon Fine Fibres. I had to laugh, fifty odd miles to meet someone who is almost a neighbour of one of my oldest friends. I shall certainly be visiting there...I'm sure I will be needing (!) some local organic cashmere soon. Of course there were other things going on, too. After a cup of tea, and a few words with wyesue, I made my way back into Bovey Tracey. I couldn't go that far, without visiting the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.
Well, I was almost bowled over. The building is a fantastic space. The size and simplicity displays the craft works superbly. And these really are works of art and craft. I bought three books, and some small gifts. It will be a good place to return to, for Festive Season shopping. (I am doing my best to avoid the C word).

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Gloves for Winter Driving.

Our phone line has been out of order for the past while, which has meant no computer, either. But, hurrah, it's working again.
In the meantime, I made a pair of fingerless gloves. These are for me, and I made them from the Purl bee pattern that I used for Sarah's gloves.The pattern is called Dragon scale. (well, what else would I wear?). They are lovely for driving in, as I don't like full gloves, which seem to slip on the steering wheel. Winter draws on.