Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ladybirds, and excited pups

Ladybirds are not a common sight, these days. And yet, there seems to have been a population explosion, locally. I saw these on nettles, along the banks of the stream in our garden. I started counting them, but when I got to one hundred and thirty-three, I realised there were many more to count than I had already. After that, I saw them everywhere. Welcome visitors.

Well, Barley and Quince are now allowed to walk in public. When they first came to us, Quince hated being in the car. She cried, and when we went to the vet, was sick in the car. So, every day, we have been taking a short (half-mile) trip in the car, and having a lovely (little) walk.

They both race Poppy to the car now, and try to jump up. Still a bit small for that, though.

They both love Babur's old bag bed. (There are two pups in there!)

Life is so exciting. Sometimes they just have to stop, because exciting is exhausting!

Sunday, 1 August 2010


I had intended to have a few weeks, quietly catching up, and resting, before looking for a new dog. (I haven't taken any leave this year, and was feeling the strain.) But the right thing happens along, and we have to take it/them as given.
Best Beloved and I drove over to Williton, to look at a litter of puppies. Working Cocker Spaniels. Four female, two male. I was looking for a female, not black and white, which left these two. After a little to-ing and fro-ing, we decided to have them both.

This is Quince. Lemon and White. I think she is the best of the litter. Somewhat quieter than her siblings. Likes a cuddle.

And this is Barley. Golden. She and B.B. fell in love straight away. As soon as B.B. sat down, Barley climbed onto his lap, and stayed there for our whole visit. She repeated the excercise at our next visit. How could we not take her?
Poppy has been wonderful. She has been very patient with them, lets them jump all over her, shares everything with them. When the puppies crash out, after playing, we have a heap of dog in front of the Everhot, toasting tummies.
They all had second vaccines on Friday. So, a few days, and we will be out and about!