Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Not Raining!!

This morning we woke up to find it was not raining! So, all the chores were done at break-neck speed, and then both Best Beloved and I spent most of the day in the garden.
There is so much tidying up to do, as we have been able to do little outside since the Autumn. The defunct cable to the garage and workshop needed to be unwired, and rolled up, and the telegraph poles it was strung from needed to be taken down. It was all a bit 'dockyard job'. Of course, care had to be taken, so that none of it came down quickly, and caused damage.
Parts of the back garden have become overgrown, while we have been working on other areas, so I did a lot of hacking back of bramble. Most satisfying!  A lot of the garden is unworkable at the moment, though. The lower garden is still ankle-deep in water. I'm not complaining.... the house is not flooded.
Back indoors, as the light was going, tea, and hot buttered tea-cakes. Jobs well done. Us warm and content!

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