Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Who knows where the time goes? #

Well, I still haven't finished Nicky's waistcoat. I'm only part way through making Ella's (baby) blanket, and I've only made one square for the Oxfam maternal mortality blanket. Are the light evenings distracting me from my knitting? I am spending a lot of time in the garden, and the bees need looking at every weekend. But, really, where does the time go?
I bought a lovely Berry Compote from Maggie, of the wonderful Runnington Fruit Farm, a few days ago. Then on Sunday ,I was pushed for time to make a pudding. I added a couple of lightly stewed cooking apples to the compote and tipped the mixture into a pie dish. I rubbed 5 ounces of butter into 8 ounces of plain flour, stirred a bare tablespoon of demerara sugar into the flour mix, then carefully spooned the crumble over the fruit. It went into a medium oven until golden brown. It made a delicious end to our sunday meal...

#written by Bob Dylan. Sung best by Sandy Denny.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

May Fair

Having spent a lot of the week-end working in the garden, we needed a little retail therapy. So bright and early on Bank Holiday Monday (well, 10 o'clock), we went to the Milverton May fair. There are ALWAYS lots of plant stalls. I bought some lily of the valley and some Herbs. Best beloved added to his (pristine) collection of Observer natural history books, and also bought a rather lovely glass jug, of some elegance.
After that, I went and joined Close Knit at Wellington Monument, for a Knit in Public at the Art Festival.
The day ended with me completing my first square for the Oxfam project.