Monday, 3 February 2014


Lace shawl knitting is something I really enjoy. It is no secret that Susanna Ic is my favourite designer of lace shawls. So, it will come as no surprise to anyone that my latest finished object is.......  Centifolia, a lace shawl designed by Susanna. This was completed on the 25th January.  ( above , before 'dressing')

(this version is pinned out, being 'dressed' or 'blocked' ).Apologies for the quality of the photo....the light was dreadful. I will try to get some better pictures when the weather improves.
The yarn is, once again, Garnstudio Drops baby alpaca and silk. Lovely to work with, gorgeous against the skin.

The Southport  I was working on is back in its bag. I am bored with it. It feels as though I have made it three times already, and yet it is still unfinished.  I suppose it does not help that I really do not like the yarn. The colour is lovely, but that is not enough to make a project joyful.

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