Friday, 30 November 2012

Continuing wet.....

 The weather has continued in it's unusually constant wet mode. Lots of people here in the west country have really suffered with regular flooding. We have been relatively lucky, in that only the garden and drive have been flooded.

The Mistletoe Fair, at Barrington Court, took place last week end. It was the first time I had been, and was a delightful experience. All the stall holders and musicians were dressed in Tudor costume. The music was all suitably medieval. Alchemoonist was there, with her Fivemoons hand-dyed yarns. A feast of loveliness for the eye and the cheek. Well, I had to try it, didn't I ? Above, a picture of the Angora/Merino 4ply ( Comet) which came home with me. It is called Ruby Rabbit.
I had a single skein of the same yarn, Comet , in Bottled Rabbit, which is in the process of becoming a scarf.  (see below )

This is my 'brainless' knitting of the moment. My concentration is not great at present, due to cough-induced broken sleep. How lucky to have something so yummy stashed, for just such a project! The Fair isle will have to wait until the brain is working again.

I came across these dear little books in Mole valley Farmers ( a farmers' co-operative store ) at Cullompton. Each book has a potted history of about forty breeds of sheep. The first has the standard breeds, the second has less common, and endangered breeds. For myself, it is interesting to find out a little more about the creatures whose fleece I spin. For children they would make very good education resources. There are several other titles in the series. 'Know your Cattle' and  'Know your Tractors' are two of them.