Saturday, 6 July 2013

Project round-up.

Hooray! The lovely man who tends our computers has sorted out some problems. So, finally, I can upload photos again.

So, a quick run through some finished projects....

This is my own design 'Holly-Go-Lightly' scarf.  The pattern is a free Ravelry download. It requires one skein of fivemoons Comet AMN4.

 This is H.J.'s Cowl. Made in Coldharbour Mill pure wool Aran weight. A simple tube , with bands of contrast purl , between main colour stocking stitch.

 This lovely crescent shawl is 'Aimatia', by Suzanna Ic. Made in Rooster 'delightful' yarn. (Alpaca/silk), for Nicky's birthday in February.


Another of my own, I am rethinking this design. Firedrake', made in Angora lacewight.

Socks! A plain pattern, made in yarn that I dyed myself. Called 'green, green grass of home', it was dyed at a workshop held for Close Knit members, at Alchemoonist's fivemoons studio.

FlowerDragon Tam. I wanted a Tam/Beret, and could not find what I was looking for. The idea was to use what was I my stash....and I ended up using lace weight Alpaca. This was the result. It is very warm. Again, my own design.

These socks are the same pattern as before, in fivemoons Khonsu 4ply. Pale amethyst. Lovely and soft.

And a final pair of socks. fivemoons again, this time Luna plus 4ply solids. Brick, Sour Apple, and Sweet Violet. They are based on memories of the 'Pippi Longstocking' books.

I have also had a Cowl pattern published in Yarnwise magazine. I am having trouble sizing the pictures, so will leave them for next time.