Monday, 12 May 2014

At Guild...

 It was Guild, on Saturday ( Devon Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers). One of the members had very kindly brought along this wheel for me to try. It is from Babe's Fibre Garden, an American firm. I am looking for a very light-weight wheel, as mine are very heavy. (Attending the group at Coldharbour Mill has become problematic, as the wheels have to be carried some distance, from the parking area to meeting room). The Babe's F.G. wheel is so light, I can carry it with one hand. It is quirky looking, and a friend said 'Not really your style, Darling''. However, I had great fun trying it, and it does spin beautifully. As long as one remembers that it is so light, and does not get carried away, and tip it up!
The downside, is that it is only available from America, at present, which could prove expensive. It is the taxes and postage that really push the price up.
There is generally a sales table, for members to sell various things, like excess fleece, or fruit and vegetables. There are a small number of members who keep hens, and sell their over-production. I bought this dozen eggs, from a mixed flock.
From the bottom row -the two outer eggs are properly white, the inner two are light brown.
Middle -the outer two are deep brown, with darker brown speckles, the inner two are pale Robin's-egg blue.
Top -left one is another white, middle two are pale brown, and far right is pale olive green.
These eggs are too pretty to use. The colours are much stronger, in the flesh. I am sure I will force myself to use them, though.

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