Friday, 9 May 2014

Beauty in Utility

Hay - On - Wye .....such a beautiful name. It conjures up such bucolic visions.  I have wished to visit the town for such a long time. Last week, during our stay in Wales, we did visit. I was not disappointed. It is very attractive, full of old buildings, quirky little side streets, and interesting shops. And books.... I have never seen so many. Shops full, little stalls, a house with the door propped open, and the entrance passage full of books for sale! Unusually for me, I did not buy any. I think I was just too boggled.
One shop we did buy from, was the Hay Makers. A witty name, and full of wonderful things. I could not resist this lovely dish. It was called a Cheese dish, but I feel it is rather small for that. It does  make a perfect Butter dish, though. It was made by a lady called Pauline Paterson. It fits in remarkably well with some pottery which is made locally ( Somerset).
I have been buying the pieces it complements for some years, making a small collection. Jugs, plates, dishes, a wonderful vase. These are made by Virginia Markham. 
The dish is a lovely thing to have as a souvenir, beautiful and useful. It chimes well with William Morris' dictum.

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