Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wooly add-ons

 The proliferation seems set to continue.... I could not resist going into The Wool Merchant in Tiverton, earlier. We spend so much time in the kitchen, at home, that the chairs need a little something to make them a bit more comfortable.  Spying the selection of Blacker wools in the shop, I thought ''ooh, cushions! '' Maybe cabled, or colour work, who knows ( yet). Two Ryeland Aran weight, in Natural, and two Pure Shetland DK in Moorit.
The reason I passed The Wool Merchant, was my quest for some more enamelled poppy pins, from the Royal British Legion. They are only available from the Clubs, not the people selling from trays. Best Beloved and I have started wearing them instead of the disposable paper ones. We put our donations into the collection tins in the usual way, just do not take the paper poppy.
The only snag, is moving them from one garment to another, if you wear a cluster of them ( as I do ). So, I made a 'brooch' to put them on.
I used the excellent pattern  Little Leaves , from Alana Dakos, and Never Not Knitting. A few yards of Wensleydale Longwool DK, knitted up on 2mm needles. ( That is NOT a mistake). This makes a very tight and firm fabric. A safety pin sewn onto the back, just above the centre line, completes the project.
Add the poppy pins to the leaf, in an artistic manner, and there! Ready for Armistice Day/ Remembrance Sunday.

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