Saturday, 2 November 2013


Project Proliferation is not a syndrome I generally suffer from. Over the last few weeks, though, I seem to have fallen prey to it.
From the left - A short sleeved sweater, Southport by Rowan ( with modifications), a dishcloth (cream), a Fair Isle-style sweater that I am designing ( spots), a swatch for a lace shawl ( white ), a  Susanna Ic MKAL  shawl (dark green) in cashmere,  a swatch for a Fair Isle cowl (cream and red ), the first of a pair of simple socks  (two-tone green), and finally , a short scarf in silk hankies /mawata.
The two skeins? Oh, well, I have a pattern for a wonderful wrap, and the wool ( yes, I mean wool ) to make it with.
I also have plans for some gloves, a set of cushion covers for the kitchen chairs, and.......well, lots more.
The Susanna Ic shawl is certain to be completed before too long. It is a gift for my Mother in a couple of months time. The others.....well, they will get done, or they will be unravelled - in time.

{ Goodness - What a lot of green ! }

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