Tuesday, 12 November 2013

British Wool

 Great excitement today.....the arrival of some new yarn. This is a Bluefaced Leicester/Masham blend. Double knit, Roving-style singles. It is a lovely, soft, heathered pale grey. British wool, spun in England. (I think the Mill is in Yorkshire, but I am not certain). I have wound it into a cake, and cast on some stitches, in order to knit a tension square. Update shortly! The arrival of this yarn at  Juno Fibre Art is the reason for one of the swatches in the Proliferation post.
The next picture is a roll of British Gotland. Another Wovember project. I think it feels like a Brillo pad, but have been told that once spun and washed, it will become something completely different. I do hope so! 
I shall be taking this to Coldharbour spinning group, tomorrow. I will find out then.

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