Monday, 11 January 2010

Using up the bits

Half a jar of mincemeat is not something one wants hanging around endlessly. These little slices of a bakewell-like cake used it up deliciously.
Rub 5 ounces of butter into 6 ounces of plain flour. Stir in a tablespoon of sugar. Tip the mixture into a prepared 12''x8'' tin. (approx 30 cm x20 cm).Smooth with the back of a spoon. Spread the mincemeat ( or jam, if you'd rather) evenly over the base. Cover with sponge mixture (I used 4 ounces each of margerine, flour and caster sugar, bound with 2 eggs). Cook in a medium oven (190 c) until firm and golden. (Aprox 40 minutes). The base is somewhat like shortbread.
I finally finished the Eyelet cap last Wednesday. Too late for Yuletide gifting! It will be saved for the birthday of the intended recipient. I do think it is a lovely pattern. I used a much thicker yarn than the recommended one, so had to go down several needle sizes to get the guage. 2.75 mm needles(!), and Coldharbour Mill Alpaca D.K. The pattern is in the current Designer Knitting (formerly Vogue Knitting).

The pattern for these fun little mitts is from 'Kristin Knits' by Kristin Nicholas. I am changing the colours, to use up some odds and ends in my stash. The book has really fired my imagination. The colour combinations she uses, are just so vibrant. Fantastic for brightening these short, cold days.
We put out food for the wild birds throughout the year. One of the great joys is the huge variety of birds that we see. They come right up to the window, and give us hours of pleasure.( Better than television!) Best Beloved found this Bullfinch in a hedge, obviously exhausted. So he brought it home, and put it on the grain feeder.(These finches are grain feeders- look at his beak) what did the little tyke do? flew up and ate all the buds from my winter flowering honeysuckle!!! I don't mind really. What a treat to see a Bullfinch.


Rowan said...

We had three bullfinches in our garden last week, a male and two females, it's always such a pleasure to see them. I love that cap, what a lovely design and colour. Hope your snow is going, heavy rain here this morning and the grass is finally visible in parts.

LinDragon said...

Yes, hurrah.And the birds are singing, telling us it's nearly spring!