Sunday, 3 January 2010

Full Moon

The first full moon of 2010, rising over the hill behind my house. It's the first time I have tried taking photographs at night, and so I am quite pleased with how this has turned out.
It was an extremely cold night, minus 4 celsius. The stars were bright. It was still, and quiet, and the Owls were hooting and shrieking in the wood. A Vixen screamed occasionally, down by the stream. All very atmospheric.
I know that elsewhere in the country was much colder. In fact, we have been reasonably lucky with the weather, but each of us goes by our own experience.

The next morning, I found these toadstools growing on the remains of a woodpile, on the edge of the wood. We have made lots of random piles of wood, especially for wildlife use. All sorts of insects and amphibians use them to hibernate, or otherwise overwinter, in.
Or perhaps the Faerie Folk have set up home here?

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