Saturday, 30 January 2010


It snowed again last night. Not much. Just the barest covering. It meant, though, that I was able to see where the deer had browsed, in the cover at the edge of the wood. An otter had been through the garden, too. His/her footprints showed up , backing up the evidence of the spraint on the marking stone.
All of these things, I noticed as I walked Poppy. Then we went indoors, and made up the fires, my hands raw from the cold.
It's nearly Spring.

(Above, Helleborous orientalis, near my back door.30/1/2010)

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Rowan said...

Your hellebores are further on than mine, they must be nice and sheltered by the house wall. You've cut last years leaves off too which is more than I have - first job when the snow goes!