Thursday, 12 March 2009

Spring Flowers.

It was such a lovely, sunny morning, that I had to go out, and take some photos of any plants blooming.

These Cyclamen coum are snuggled up under the Viburnum tinus.They look small and delicate, but are quite hardy.

This is a pool of species Narcissus. Obvalaris, I think. I put in ten bulbs about eight years ago, and they are gradually increasing.

I am very proud of this. Cowslip. Primula veris. I sowed some seed when we moved here, and grew on a few plants. Of those I planted out, five survive. The others are not flowering yet, but have nascent buds.

Good old Primrose, Primula vulgaris. A very good, long-standing friend, Micky, gave me trays of young plants from her garden. They now self-seed around the garden with gay abandon.
I had intended to have different forms of gardening in different parts of the garden. The land itself has dictated otherwise. Apart from the vegetable garden, most of what we do now is wild, and woodland, gardening. It suits the place, and, actually, feels right.


Rowan said...

I love primroses - your spring flowers are way ahead of mine though, we're still on snowdrops and crocus' here. Just shows the difference between Somerset and Yorkshire!

LinDragon said...

It has been a funny old season....usually my narcissus start flowering end of January, then go on until mid April.This year they are all out now-I doubt there will be any left by Easter.