Wednesday, 25 March 2009

One of my lovely co-workers left this week. We had a picnic lunch for her, so I made this Orange Blossom sponge . As I don't have access to the right blossom, I decorated it with white Violets.

These elegant Fritillaria meleagris are in the Orchard. I love how they look so oriental and aloof. They are native plants, though. And I admit to buying them from the local W.I. market. I am trying to get a colony going in the dampish grass.


Rowan said...

That orange blossom cake looks so good - what a good job for me that it 's only a picture! The snakeshead fritillaries are lovely aren't they? I have them but mine aren't anywhere near flowering yet, they do seed well though, all mine have come from about three original plants.

LinDragon said...

They (the Fritillaries) must be very happy to be self seding. How lovely.