Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Listening to a 'Pirate'.

Joy unbounded, it was Close Knit on Friday. So, I made a little cake. The pastry base is almost a shortbread, spread with chopped currants and cherries, then topped with an almondy sponge mix. I did not bring much home.
I have been listening to 'Pirate Johnnie Walker' on BBC Radio 2. It reminds me so much of listening to the pirate radio stations (actually, Radio Caroline) on my little Transistor radio, under the bedclothes. He has captured something of the breathless excitement, the joy of the music. None of the D.Js talked very much between records, particularly Johnnie. They were in too much of a hurry, to hear the next record, themselves. My second favourite from those days, Emperor Roscoe, is due to visit the studio/ship, in the next few weeks. Great fun!

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