Monday, 5 January 2009

Woodland Walk Beret.

With all this cold weather, I felt in need of a warm (knitted) hat. So, in the quiet Holiday evenings, I made one. Modelled here by Poppy. It is not clear from the photos, but the basic shape is a beret. It is in Elle pure merino solids. (aran weight).I bought it in the sale at Hayes Wools, back in the autumn. The inspiration was watching stags, in the woodland above Upton, after the rutt. There is a patch of ancient, stunted oak wood, carpeted with thick moss, where the stags were standing and lying quietly.
I am trying to make a neck-warmer to go with it -I have unravelled it every evening since I started, as it just will not flow.( 5 times!)
Perhaps I need to just leave it to itself for a few days.

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