Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wassail-Or not!

I love the eary spring bulbs. They bring a little brightness, and cheer, into what can be a dank month. These are Narcissus 'ziva', one of my favourites. They smell heavenly. They will soon be followed by a procession of Hyacinths.

It was wassail day, yesterday. I heard, at the last minute, that the wassail we were planning to attend with friends had taken place over a week ago! And the weather turned very wet and stormy. So, I heated a jug of apple juice, went outside, and sang the wassail song to a particular tree, poured the juice on her roots, and rushed back indoors. NEXT year, I really will organise my own Wassail!

It was also Ness's birthday. So, I made her a knitters' card. The stitch pattern is an adapted version of 'snow angel'. ( you could find the original at Jacqui also made her a card, which had the sweetest pair of mittens on the front!

I also made a present,which was a Pincushion-cum-buttonjar, and put in some odds and ends. (Including a jolly orange jelly-thimble).
The woodland walk neck warmer is hibernating for now. I have a pair of 'spirogyra' mitts on my needles for another friend's birthday. I need to have them finished and wrapped for Tuesday.

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