Wednesday, 28 January 2009

''I Forgot''

Well, what do you think of this amazing Chap? My sister, Nicky, had it made for me, for Christmas. I was completely bowled over at receiving it ! Then completely forgot to show it! It is for topping a gatepost. I am keeping Dragon indoors, for the time being, while I think about a suitable placement.
I also forgot....Just prior to Yule, I mentioned Mistletoe. On our arrival here, despite the huge number of Apple trees, there was no Mistletoe. I think there has to be Mistletoe in an Orchard. So, I set about putting that right. I squashed dozens of berries onto the branches of the chosen trees over the course of about six years. Then I heard about a fascinating man, Nick Wheeldon, who has written a little book, about cultivating Mistletoe. I sent off for the book, had telephone conversations with Mr. Wheeldon.....and then found six nascent clumps, on three different trees.Hurrah!!! Turn cartwheels!! I had been doing the right thing all along, it just takes an age to germinate.
So, if you want Mistletoe in your apple trees, 'Grow your own Mistletoe' by Nick Wheeldon.

And I made myself one of the 'Ellen' neckwarmers. I was so pleased with the ones I knitted for Mother, and for Jenny P., that when I saw this colourway of the Elle Merino Brights, I couldn't resist. I have one more neck warmer on the go-in fact only in need of buttons. When that is complete, I shall be going off in a slightly different direction!

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Grethe Kristin said...

Beautiful neck warmer,i realy likes the colour.