Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Spirogyra mitts

Well, I managed to finish the mitts in time for Karen's birthday. She seemed to be pleased with them, and informed me that they go beautifully with the Entrelac scarf made for her by JacquiB. Jacqui and I seem to be in tune, at the moment -we both made Ness cards with knitted fronts, toning gifts for Karen, and today, both ordered knit-picks extras from Get Knitted! Spooky? No. We just know each other well, and have a very similar way of thinking things through. ( Having said that, we have a too-similar admission to make in the next couple of weeks! ).
I cast on straight after finishing the mitts, for another Ellen neckwarmer. This time in a lovely mix of toffee, caramel, and umber. I think it will be fun, finding the right buttons for it. This one will be a little longer than those I made for Jenny P.,and my Mother.

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