Thursday, 13 November 2008


There have been a lot of birthdays already this month. Stina and M. started us off, then mine, and today is Harry's. Best Beloved and I hosted a bonfire party at the week-end, and goodness, were we lucky with the weather! I started the bonfire mid afternoon, and we went straight out for the fireworks as soon as people arrived. We had a damping of rain, but as soon as we went in, the heavens really opened. To the extent, that it put the bonfire out!
Never mind, the company was great, and there was plenty of (traditional bonfire) food. The next birthday is little K's, in a couple of weeks.

One of my birthday presents was this wonderful sharkskin box (above). As you see, it is full of needlework tools. I have come to the conclusion that it is for Lace making. The knitting needles and crochet hooks are of such a small gauge that they couldn't be for anything else.(Could they?). And tiny sewing needles. I was thrilled to recieve it from Best Beloved's sister Deb, and her partner Jason.
Speaking of sisters, Nicky's twin Mel, has been home for a visit from Australia. A couple of weeks in which Mel and her husband tried to see all of their friends and family-one mad rush.
Nicky, Mel and I managed a day together, so we went down to Dulverton and had lunch at the fabulous Woods. That was such a treat. And then a little shopping.... Dulverton has such great shops for such small place. We were doing some Ch****m** stuff, I have to admit, but it was so that we give and recieve lovely things that don't have to be posted between G.B. and Aus.
I shall probably be going down to Dulverton again soon, for Starlight Sunday, which is on the 7th December this year. It is always charming.

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