Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hit and miss baking.

It has really felt like winter, this week. We have had two good, hard, frosts. There has also been a wicked north wind blowing. That same wind has blown away the last of the leaves. It makes us really thankful that we have our wood stoves.

I started some baking, to be ready for the Festive season...only to find I did not have enough of certain dried fruits. And then slightly overcooked (burnt) the Dundee cake already in the oven!
(Still, B.B. is always happy to eat home made cake). So, I turned out the Larder, instead. It's amazing how, even if I keep it tidy(ish), and regularly check the contents, I still end up with three of something we use only occasionaly, and half a bag of things we use every day! So, now I have a list of dry goods needed in the larder. A big bake-in, next week-end, I think.

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