Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Birds and red Berets.

Well, the purple scarf is no more. I'm afraid I just got bored with it. But I do have some gifts to make for the coming Festive season.
Last year, I made a dear friend a scarf, in the cherry red brushed mohair from West Holwell Farm. This year, I am making a beret to match. The pattern is Spring Beret by Natalie Larson. It is a sort of gothic arches pattern. (I'm afraid it just does not photograph well. The bright colour and the halo of the yarn prevents proper focusing). This piece is rattling along beautifully. I cast on for it on Sunday evening, and did half an hour last night. I'm really enjoying it.

The winter visiting birds have been arriving in dribs and drabs. I noticed a few Fieldfares over the week-end. But this morning it really sounded like Winter. Several little flocks of Fieldfares flew up as I walked Poppy, and they chak-chaked their irritation quite loudly. Their voices are much harsher, more gutteral, than the Blackbirds and native Thrushes. They have been bullying their way into the Orchard, and creating territories, around trees which still hold apples.

We also have quite a large flock of Long-Tailed Tits. They come to the bird feeders when it gets colder. We have always attracted the occasional Coal Tit, but have noticed, lately, that they are coming more frequently, and in larger numbers. Joy unbounded on Saturday, when we counted ten either on the feeders, or in the bushes nearby. And last year's Pheasant is coming in to be fed again.

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