Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blossom time

A week of sun, after all the rain, meant we were finally able to do some work in the garden.
 The lushness of all the verdant foliage has become almost too green to look at. The fruit trees are all flowering fit to burst. The Prunus family ( Plum, Damson, Cherry and Blackthorn) have given a show such as I have never seen before. 
                                                            ( Above, sweet Cherry)

                                                            ( Pear)

                                         ( Blackthorn, with three wild Cherry behind)

                                                                     ( Apple)

Of course, I had to make sure of a bed for my precious Sweet Peas. Eight packets of seeds, this year. The best germination was that of some seeds I had saved from my favourite colour, autumn 2012. ( Yes, old seed! )  The worst was one plant from an extremely expensive packet of seeds, trumpeted as new, improved, best ever seen! £4.89 for fifteen seeds  ( one normally gets between twenty and thirty seeds in a packet! Usually around £3. ) Needless to say... shan't buy those again.

Good news on the Native Orchid front. This year, all the plants in the wood have come up. Even the Spotted one. The Croquet Lawn Orchid, having failed to appear last year, is back. So, nine in all. Good.

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