Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Crafty days

 Earlier this spring, Best Beloved sowed the seeds of various vegetables and fruit. He always starts off some tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and aubergines. The courgettes did not produce anything, this year. The pepers were rather small, but the tomatoes were plentiful, plump and sweet. The aubergines were..........

unusual. There were plenty of them, and I have used them in the same way as usual. Once the colour started to fade, they had developed seeds, and became bitter, but used small, they were fine. There are still some seeds left in the packet, which were supposedly of the usual, plump pear-shaped type. We are looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

Bunting is not something I have felt the need for, until last week. Then I decided to run a stall at a Handmade and Vintage Fair. One of the rules, was to have a nicely decorated stall. So, a cheerful couple of hours was spent cutting triangles from various scraps of cotton fabric, some of which were old shirts, pillowcases beyond mending, and ancient tea-towels. The sewing part was much quicker. It was such fun, and so easy, that I may make some very seasonal red-and white bunting for Christmas. Not yet though!  

A great deal of my knitting time, since finishing my string of shawls, has been spent swatching designs for a fair isle sweater. Usually, I just make it up as I go along, but I want something more considered, rather more elegant, for an adult sweater. I think I may be getting close, since I discovered how pleasing a section of lice-pattern can be, along the top of a busier section.

The spinning group at Coldharbour Mill continues to draw me. Not just to learn spinning, but also because they are such a lovely group of women.
I was admiring a niddy noddy in Susan's workbasket, and remarked on its beauty, adding that I had not seen such decorative ones for sale. ( The one in question was an antique). M.said 'Oh, my husband can copy one of those for you, if Susan doesn't mind'.  Well, Susan didn't, M's husband copied it, and I now have a gorgeous small niddy noddy, for mini skeins. Perfect for trial size skeins for dying with natural fibres.

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