Sunday, 30 September 2012

Just Knitting!

 The summer has been such a wash-out, that very little has been achieved in the garden. So, the dry weather, over the last two weeks or so, has seen Best Beloved and myself working in the garden until quite late, most days. Just before the rain set in again, I had a huge, furiously fast bonfire.   

 During the wet weather, I continued to knit.
I finished the waistcoat( above) knitted in the hand-spun I made from the John Arbon Exmoor Blueface. It is really soft, and despite being a rather uneven yarn, I am pleased with it. Pattern by Kristen TenDyke.

This cardigan is for the new grand-daughter of my lovely hairdresser, Jane. The yarns are Wendy and Lana Grossa DKs. I designed it as I went along, and have to admit to getting rather carried away. It ended up measuring to a size 9months.  As it happened, Baby was quite big at birth, and growing rapidly. Phew!
I did remember to make a chart, and take notes , as I went along this time. So I could write the pattern, should the need arise.

The yarn for this shawl was a Coldharbour Mill special. It is alpaca/shetland mix. No idea of the percentages. It was not the nicest of yarns to knit with, but I washed it just before blocking. Once it was dry, it became a different thing altogether. As soft as any regular alpaca yarn, with all the 'bounce' of shetland. A simple shawl pattern, I added two rows of lace before casting off. As I was finishing it, I heard from a friend, R., who was having a hard time, and lives in the USA. So I sent it to her. It is called 'Hug-sub Shawl'.

The next two shawls are both 'Annis' by Susannah Ic.
The one above is knitted in an Alpaca and Silk laceweight by The Mulberry Dyer, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze. The colour match is extremely good, considering they were bought months and miles apart. The textures, though, could not be more different. This was sent to Mel, Nick's twin. She has been extremely unwell of late. Another substitute hug...we live in rural Somerset, she lives near Perth, Australia!

And finally......
'Annis' in a gorgeous Alpaca and Silk laceweight, from Fleecewitch. I know Jean ( Fleecewitch), having bought yarn from her at a number of Fairs/shows. I was delighted to find that she belongs to the Devon Guild, which I am joining. So much the easier to buy her yarns! They truly are a joy and delight to knit with.
I made this for J., Best Beloved's cousin. She has had several nasty health scares this summer, and is another member of the family living on another continent. Canada is a bit too far for a week-end jaunt, so this was the third substitute hug of the year.

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