Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The last day of the Pagan year, Samhain is traditionally a time of reflection. A  time to remember those who have left us for the Summerlands. Those who have done us good turns, helped in some way. It is a time when ''the veil is thin''. In other words, we can see things that we would not normally see. Maybe be aware of the presence of those we would not normally 'feel'.
 Sanhain is the basis of many of the modern New Year traditions, as early peoples felt that the Earth ( and Mother Nature ) had gone into a hibernation, and could not be sure of her return to life, unless certain rituals were observed. There will be a long period of waiting. All through the winter, in fact, until Spring arrives as a Maiden, at the begining of February.
So, carve your pumpkins, to frighten away the demons that will prevent life returning. Light your fires, to keep the earth warm.
And send love to those who have gone before.

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