Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sweet things

 The Jubilee of H.M. The Queen was a good excuse for making fancy biscuits. They are not something I generally make, mainly because I love biscuits. When I do make them, they tend to be made to a rich recipe. These (above ) were the basics. Almost equal amounts of butter, sugar and flour, bound with an egg yolk. The cutters came from good old Lakeland. ( A very reliable chain of  British shops, specialising in cookware. )

 These are slightly modified. Small shapes cut out, then filled with chunks of boiled sweets.

The basic biscuits, covered with Glace icing, and then decorated.

Again, the basic biscuit, but with Royal icing, then decorated. The monogrammed one is for a friend, with whom I share an interest in a certain historical figure. ( Hi, HJ.)

These biscuits were delicious, but...they became crumbly very quickly. Luckily, they did not last long.

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