Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Midsummer washout

Saturday was Midsummer Day. It has fallen out of use, with the Solstice being a more fashionable celebration. Either way, it was pouring with rain, so there were no Roses dry enough to pick to decorate the house for the celebration.                                                                                                               

So, into town, and a happy while was spent, choosing yarn. I have a baby cardigan to make, for the new granddaughter of my lovely hairdresser. Jane has been cutting my hair for....well, too many years to count.
The wool, and it really is wool, is for a fair isle cardigan. I designed one about five years ago, in pale pinks and greens. This may be the time for me to tidy the design up, and write it down properly.
So, the yarn sat in a bowl, looking pretty, in lieu of Roses.

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