Saturday, 1 August 2009

Purple patch

It was Best Beloved's birthday, recently, so some 'Thank you' cards were needed. Easy and effective...and quick. Even though the weather has not been marvelous, knitting just had not held its' usual compulsion. These little pieces did the trick.

This delicate little Clematis is a vitticella, 'Little Nell'. It grows through a big old Wisteria, and the flowering period follows that of its' host. The colours are similar, so we get a purple patch of about six or seven weeks.
I had hoped to add a picture of a dish of Whortleberries, but after we had been picking about an hour, the heavens opened. The rain was so heavy, and the cloud so low, that we could not see very far. So, back to the car, with a small companion having to jump in every puddle. Soaked? Of course. But it was such fun! Exmoor in Summer.
Now there's a lovely place, Summer or not. I was in need of a little solitude, and my instinct is always to go for a walk. This picture was taken in a deep hidden combe, on a friend's farm. There are still hedges of towering Beech trees, some of which look like something in an Arthur Rackham illustration. They have such presence. The atmosphere of peace and stillness is like that of an ancient Cathedral.

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Rowan said...

What a wonderful tree, you're right it does look like an Arthur Rackham illustration.