Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunny week-end

It was 'Close Knit' on Friday....pleasant (warm!) enough for us to leave the door open for part of the evening. I made Lemon Drizzle cake, N. made lovely lemon cup cakes, Caro brought fruit cake. Delicious!
I seem to be taking forever to make a simple vest/tank for a friend, but managed nearly six inches of stocking stitch, while chatting with my knitting family.
Saturday morning was Beekeeping time. We did our usual health/Queen check, and are pleased that six of our eight remaining hives are Queen-right. One has a newly hatched Queen, and the final hive has an almost-ripe Queen cell. Once sure of the conditions in the hives, we put clearer-boards on under the supers. This clears the bees from the honey boxes, so that we can remove the honey.The hives are left for twenty four hours or so, for the bees to go down into the brood nest. So, on Sunday evening, we took the supers (honey boxes) off the hives. We hope to do the honey harvest next week-end.
Best Beloved and I went to the Taunton Flower Show on Saturday afternoon. We had a good look at all the stalls, and visited the Marquees. Had ice-cream, admired crafts.Then we went to the Taunton Beekeepers tent, to see the Honey Show. The observation hive is always fascinating. There were several children watching the goings-on in there with rapt attention. The Queen was not only marked, but had a number on her thorax! The numbers were about the size of the head on a dressmaking pin.
Looking around at all the classes, I saw this dramatically painted W.B.C.hive, which was in a decorative items class. It was painted and entered by Polly Fox-Strangways.

This was the view from my bedroom window on Sunday. It was a field of Barley. Cut and carried Saturday, baled Sunday, stacked by evening, it was a clear field by the time I got home from work today.


Rowan said...

I love that photo of the barley field, it's good to know that the farmers are able to reap the harvest after the awful wet weather that we've had. Your lemon drizzle cake looks gorgeous, it's one of my favourites but I always make them round - must try a square one it looks nice that shape.

LinDragon said...

Thanks,Rowan.Yes, a great relief to see the Harvest.About 10 days late, around here.
I make the drizzle cake square, as it's easier to slice when there are lots of us.;-)