Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sweet Peas

The first bunch of Sweet Peas from the garden this summer. They filled the kitchen with their glorious scent. Sad that they don't last long, but at least they keep flowering, so I can keep replacing them.
I went over to Wiveliscombe, to have my hair cut, earlier this week. While I was there, I had a quick look in the charity shop. I found all these books, and paid less than £10. I could not believe my luck (although it may have something to do with always being on the look-out).
Debbie Bliss, Sheila McGregor, Barbara Walker, and best of all, Elizabeth Zimmermann.

It is Best Beloveds' birthday today.We were off for the day, and taking a picnic, so cake was called for. This is a new recipe to me. Sponge, containing some ground almonds, with fresh nectarine chopped, then layered in. It disappeared fairly quickly.

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Rowan said...

The sweet peas are beautiful, I love the scent of them. The cake looks really good too:)