Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day

The Hawthorn is out, the Bluebells are up, the Swallows are back - it must be Summer! It is the first time ever, that our Hawthorn has been in bloom on the first day of May, the first day of Summer. It usually opens between the sixth , and the tenth of the month.
Do you remember the forlorn picture of Babur, sitting in his new bed, but unable to lie down? Here he is, in his new, modified version. I finished it on Tuesday. He slept in it all night, Wednesday, once he had decided it wasn't dangerous.

It is Close Knit, tonight. Knitting with a group of female friends, eating cake and drinking tea, on Mayday. What makes it more perfect, is that we celebrate Close Knits' second birthday, tonight.Great fun.
This is my own, new, recipie for a sweet fruited celebration bread. I shall see how it is recieved. If the girls enjoy it, I may post the instructions.

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