Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lucky Girl!

I came down to breakfast on Sunday, to find Best Beloved had bought these Lily-of-the-Valley at the same time as the newspapers. The scent was wonderful - he knows I love them. I read somewhere, that it used to be traditional to give posies of these lovely flowers on Mayday, in France. I don't know if it is true, but what a super idea.
A quick visit to Coldharbour Mill, as I needed some more wool to make another cat bed. I have been asked for the pattern by several people, so will have to make another, in order to remember properly how to do it. Or rather, the stitch numbers. While I was there, I had a quick look around...and found this....

..Beautiful pure u.k.Alpaca , aran weight, natural colour, 100 gram skeins. Louisa said that they were 'specials'. John may have done them as it is Shows season. Well, what is a girl to do, when faced with yarn in her favourite fibre and colour? Before you ask, nine skeins. Should be enough for a sweater, or short cardi.
Then Monday was Milveton May Fair. It is a street fair, lots of local stalls, lots of plants, a Food Hall (in the car park!) and some street entertainers. We (B.B. and I) bought plants, and bread, and flowers. We stopped to look at a bric-a-brac stall. (Last June 10th, I wrote about a set of Masons' Blue Denmark china which I found and bought in a local charity shop). There, on the floor, was a Masons' Blue Denmark Meat Platter.What price was the stallholder asking? £1.50! I had to ask again, as I thought I had mis-heard. Yes, of course we bought it. Bargain!!
I hope you had an equally pleasant Bank holiday.

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Rowan said...

The lilies of the valley are beautiful, I have them growing in my garden - must pick a little bunch for a vase. The cat bed is great, on a cold winter night that will be perfect.