Saturday, 16 May 2009

Evening Wear

My sister, Nicky, has to attend a Gala Dinner and Dance. It is in aid of a Cancer Charity, which she is very involved in. We had looked for a shrug which was simple, smart, elegant. Then we looked for a pattern, so that I could make one, which is simple, smart, elegant. Eventually, I bought some very nice Merino 4-ply wool, from Hayes wool shop in Taunton. At the fifth attempt, I got the sleeves to fit properly.

Back view.
Front view.
Detail.(this goes all the way around).

Nick ready to go.
The photos do not show the softness of the yarn, or the lovely drape. Neither do they show the simple elegance of her dress.
The pattern is all my own work.


Heather said...

I could have used this last night at the cocktail party I attended. Simply stunning! Are you going to write the pattern up?

LinDragon said...

Thank you,Heather! I was not going to -I was thinking of making some , perhaps to sell.However, if you can hang on until I make another, I will write it as I go, then send you a draft.Does that sound ok?