Thursday, 4 September 2008

On Leave,but no Holiday

Best beloved has been on leave for a week, and has been instaling a solar hot water system.It was so exciting to hear the pump going, and know that it would be making an impact on the electricity bill.
So this week, I am on leave too. We have had a flurry of finishing off small projects, like hanging blinds in the bedroom,and the study. Yesterday, we went to Bristol Ikea. Not a bundle of laughs, but we bought another blind for my sewing room (sounds grand, but it is also the spare bedroom), some lovely off-white linen curtains which I will re-make as curtains for our bedroom,and various teatowels and the like in Scandinavian blue and white. Yes, blue and white in the Kitchen again.
The fun bit of the Ikea trip -We went via Get Knitted. B.B. was very good,had a wander around,then sat and read various magazines, while I drifted around the shop in a daze. It is as amazing as I had heard.Quite a large shop floor for a Yarn shop. Well laid out.The staff were very helpful indeed, in a calm,unshowy way. And patient. What did I buy? Only a few little things....All five sizes of cable, and a Knit Picks Harmony 4mm and 5mm tips, and a 4mm tips in the metal. Some buttons for Nicky's waitcoat. A sweet pattern I will make up as a present for someone special. And a few things to go in my Gifts box, against the coming of the giving season.
And I managed to complete a knitted blanket on the way home.(B.b. was driving!).
Poppy says 'I thought Holidays were meant to be Fun.You two are boring.'

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