Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And again.....Harvest

On Sunday, we welcomed a few friends around, to pick Apples. The capital is because apples are a major problem for us at the moment.
When we came to this house ( nearly eleven years ago ),there were dozens of apples trees. Not an Orchard, just random rows of them. All planted far too close together. I have to admit cutting down and uprooting nearly a hundred. However, what I did was take out the damaged,diseased and spindly trees. They had all been planted at about eighteen inch spacings. Mad! The ones that are left are more like ten to twelve feet apart.They have shown their appreciation by growing to between twelve and fifteen feet high , and producing masses of blossom and fruit.Every year.

We also (naively) planted a proper Orchard. Which is now coming into production. With the bees in the Orchard, we have an embarrasment of fruit. It usually starts towards the end of August and goes on until the Russets are ready,about November. (depends on the weather).
So, we were delighted when Ness, Lisa and K., Jacquie, and Andi were able to come over. Lots of bags of apples were picked and stowed in cars. Discussions about the names of varieties. Watching of Butterflies landing on some of the over-ripe fruit. And some eating of fruit.
Then indoors to drink tea and eat cake. (And a tiny bit of knitting!)
I love it when friends visit.

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