Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Working holiday

Best beloved is on leave this week, so has decided to clear out the wood-shed and refill it.There was only a barrowfull left from this winter. This picture shows that he has already sawn, chopped and stacked four rows deep. He gets to feel very smug, and I have a lovely, safe feeling that we will be warm next winter.
Doesn't it look great?

I ,meanwhile, tidied and cleaned out the bee-shed.The kit is now logically arranged, like with like, instead of everything heaped together anyhow.
In a break for a cup of tea, I saw this honey bee working her way along all of the dandelion flowers, and her face was yellow with pollen.Even better, her pollen 'baskets' were bulging with it, too.
The bees spring build-up is very slow this year.I am having to feed them...but hopefully it means they will survive.

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