Wednesday, 30 April 2008

May Day

As I write this, the rain has stopped, and it has become a calm, quiet night. May Eve. Tomorrow is Beltane- the first day of summer. Traditionally, the young people of a community would be going out now to the woods, to find Hawthorne [may]. It would be brought into every house at dawn, to 'bring the summer in' . And then taken out smartly at dusk, as it may only be in the house for Beltane.

This rather splendidly ragged chap discovered that we were feeding the birds back in February. He has become bolder with time,and merely crouches if he sees us around. Although there are less tatty males around, he seems to be top of the pecking order. In fact, we have seen him chasing
other males off, with little resistance.

And this is the prize. We don't know which hen is the mother, but we are sure of the father's identity. So, in about three weeks time, we hope to see fifteen fluffy,peeping, pheasant chicks.
I wish you all a warm, sunny, joyful Beltane.

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