Friday, 4 April 2008

Some knitting,some cake...

It is 'Close Knit' tonight, so I have made some cake. Individual Bakewell Tarts, in fact. [Our strap line is 'knit and eat cake', after all!]. I hope everyone enjoys them -I haven't made the mini versions since we had a female Prime Minister.

And I have finally done the 'finishing' on my 'composed mitts', by Michele Rose Orne. I do like a bit of Fair Isle!
I'm itching to show Nicky's waistcoat, but I still have the button band to make...and some buttons to find.
Time to feed pets before I go.


Ness said...

The cakes were gorgeous and very welcome!

-A said...

Those cakes were amazing! I would have eaten them all if I could have... :) So tasty! :)